The Importance of Personalized Treatment: Finding Alcohol Rehab Centers That Meet Your Needs

Alcohol addiction is a fast-spreading problem. There’s been a significant increase in the number of people, especially men, dealing with this problem. In most cases, patients trace the problem to underlying issues surrounding their careers, finances, or relationships. Getting the right treatment can be a game changer.

When exploring alcohol addiction treatment, you may start by looking through the alcohol treatment center located in Portland, Oregon. However, the ultimate decision should be based on how personalized the treatment services would be.

Personalized alcohol treatments have been found to offer a higher chance of treatment success and long-term results. But what are the other benefits you stand to gain? Find out below.

The Principles of an Effective Addiction Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines an effective addiction treatment as;

  • Different for everyone because each patient is different and requires specific yet appropriate treatment for their addiction needs.
  • Lasts for an adequate amount of time. Previous research back that addiction treatment programs lasting at least 3 months have a higher success rate in reducing or stopping substance abuse.
  • Incorporates behavioral therapies like family therapy, individual counseling, and group counseling.
  • Is monitored and planned according to measurable progression shown by the patient
  • Addresses both addiction symptoms and the underlying issues triggering the problem
  • Addresses co-occurring mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and trauma
  • Can be medication-assisted as determined by the treatment professional
  • Is monitored continuously to prevent lapses during the treatment phase
  • Includes tests for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, and other infectious diseases.

The above criteria set the standard for the most effective addiction treatment services. However, it is important to note that each addiction treatment facility is different. With each being different and patients being unique, here are several treatment approaches and specialties presented by treatment facilities.

Why Seek Personalized Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is quite different from any other treatment experience. Unlike flu or cold sores, there’s no universal medication or process. In fact, even with flu, patients react differently to medications and may heal faster than others.

In addiction treatment, victims must understand that they are unique not only because of the underlying factors but also in terms of their responsiveness to certain treatments. To effectively address the problem, treatment specialists must identify what works and how to optimize such treatments (or a combination of treatments) to deliver maximum effects.

When addiction treatment is being customized, the treatment providers are likely to consider the most important factors that could shape the treatment experience. These factors include;

  • Tolerance and usage level
  • Environment
  • Past experiences or past treatment
  • Family and medical history
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Life circumstances or situation
  • Relationships
  • Current challenges

With a premium placed on the above factors, the treatment specialist may be able to decide on treatment plans that could deliver the best results. Of course, treatment plans may be modified during the journey to ensure improved outcomes.

Benefits of Personalized Addiction Treatment

Improves Self-Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of personalized addiction treatment is improved self-awareness. With a personalized treatment plan, patients may begin to better understand themselves, how they react to certain issues, and how to curb certain excesses that lead to negative behaviors like substance abuse.

In essence, this can help them to;

  • Uncover and discover underlying issues
  • Identify, acknowledge, and face triggers and related issues
  • Understand family history as related to addiction
  • Identify unhealthy practices or relationships shaping their behavior
  • Develop better and healthier coping mechanisms for challenging situations

Addresses Age-Specific Needs

Addiction problems can be linked to the stage a person is in their life. For example, people are aware of midlife crises, which could cause people to spiral into the dark hole of addiction. Younger people may also become addicted due to peer pressure and a false sense of belonging.

Personalized treatment programs understand these various stages and help to develop the right treatment plan and approach to address the concerns around the problem.

Help Manage Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction problems are often not a standalone issue. They may, most times, be linked back to other problems that could affect the victim’s health and wellness. Personalized treatments could lead to uncovering co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, insomnia, and other psychiatric disorders. It could also help to chart the right path for improved wellness by addressing those underlying problems.

Help Avoid Relapse

Patients who undergo personalized addiction treatments are less likely to suffer a relapse. This is because the treatment program has a higher tendency to address the addiction problem holistically, thus helping patients handle pressure and resist relapse filmik.