The Best LMS Hosting Provider

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Learning management systems LMS are platforms designed to help instructors manage educational online coursework. When it comes to LMS hosting, you have many options. 

Finding the best LMS hosting service choice for your online courses might be difficult. If you pick the right hosting company, creating an online course can be simple. It is a self hosted website best examples of LMS in education for schools to deliver cheapest cost online learning courses for student.

When choosing LMS hosting, you as a consumer must study a lot of technical factors and deal with a lot of uncertainties. We will include our top recommendations for LMS hosting. 

The Best LMS Hosting Provider in 2022 (Top 5)

The greatest Learning Management Software is listed below, along with all of the necessary information. This exclusive list will then assist you in determining which LMS is a good fit for your needs.

  • DomainRacer
  • Thinkific
  • A2 Hosting
  • Talent LMS
  • Cloudways
  • Moodle

Here you can learn more about these companies:

1. DomainRacer:

DomainRacer is the topmost number if we talk about LMS hosting providers. DomainRacer is a great learning management system through which you can easily provide online course material to your office staff or your customers.

Discover the efficient LMS systems to get best learning applications with high security, unlimited storage (LMS licence ) from we can get the way we learn online.

According to the reviews available on the internet, DomainRacer provides LMS hosting at the lowest price and it is also considered to be the most secure.

You can add intruders, enroll students, make assignments, do installations, set, and configuration, construct free/paid courses, and create free/private video software like Zoom and so on.

Best Features of the DomainRacer LMS hosting:

  • The best hosting for LMS 
  • Create and Sell Online Courses
  • Free Tutor LMS License with Hosting
  • Premium Video Hosting Platform
  • Live virtual classes With Zoom integration
  • Free SSL Certificate and Premium SEO Tool 
  • All Payment Gateways Are Accepted
  • Support for Online Quizzes, Games, Certificates, Classes
  • SSD storage space and bandwidth are unlimited
  • No need to be concerned about ads or brand logos
  • Get 24/7/365 Expert Customer Support

2. Thinkific

Thinkific gives you complete control over your business and branding so you can build, market, and sell your expertise. You will be able to develop a variety of digital learning products that appeal to a larger audience with the help of an intuitive course builder.

A glimpse of powerful e-learning extensions for WP, enabling effortless course delivery and tracking of their institution’s website.

It provides all of the tools required for course designers to share their knowledge and operate paid or free online courses. However, its best features are only available with the more expensive premier plan. 

Course Builder and Site Builder have a limited number of templates. There are a few possibilities for customizing how your classes are designed.

Thinkific LMS’s Key Features:

  • Easy course creation 
  • Build websites to promote your business 
  • Monetize course content  
  • Tons of pre-built templates 
  • Provide live classes, member-only content, and events

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the market and provides hosting solutions for your LMS hosting needs. A2 Hosting offers different web hosting options. 

The learning management system (LMS) software that is included with an LMS hosting account can assist teachers and schools in developing online learning environments.

A2 Hosting LMS’s Key Features:

  • Fast and Easy setup
  • Learning management system (LMS) software 
  • Flexible platform for displaying exhibits
  • Provides 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support
  • A2 Hosting is a good place for your education hosting

4. Talent LMS:

The Talent LMS is a good learning management system. This platform is intended to make it simple for you to organize and deliver content to your students.

The program also makes it simple to monitor students’ progress and guarantees that everyone is speaking the same language.

However, there is no live assistance in the free version and users’ monthly reports are not accessible.

Talent LMS’s Key Features:

  • Create courses from scratch using a variety of resources
  • Manage and keep an eye on your training
  • Conduct live educational sessions
  • Learners can be trained using a blended learning approach
  • Tools for video conferencing and messaging enable fluid communication
  • Appeal to a worldwide audience in many linguistic areas
  • Publish engaging courses that adhere to the newest eLearning content standards

5. Cloudways

Cloudways’ LMS hosting includes a variety of features ranging from speed, security, and uptime to dependability and support. With Cloudways LMS hosting you can sell courses individually or offer subscriptions to your eLearning courses easily.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. You can also create a forum for your classroom students to discuss topics and hang out virtually.

However, the cost will be applied per server for offsite backup storage.

Coudways LMS’s Key Features:

  • Supports All WordPress LMS Plugins
  • Offer SSD-based hosting
  • Create, manage, and sell awesome eLearning courses 
  • Cloudflare helps reduce latency 
  • robust state-of-the-art LMS hosting stack is built for performance
  • Breeze is an advanced caching plugin

6. Moodle

Moodle enables you to quickly create your eLearning website. Numerous instructions, features, assessment, and reporting modules are included.

The LMS platform may adapt to a variety of teaching styles, including fully online or blended learning.

With the help of the cloud-hosted solution, students can access their data and courses from any location and on any internet-capable device.

Additionally, it enables collaboration between teachers and students for learning. Some features are unavailable on open-source platforms. There is no individual assistance. 

The Following Core Features of Moodle:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Course material management
  • Availability of plugins to expand possibilities
  • Options for cooperation and management
  • Upgrades to security regularly
  • Administrative control options
  • Create an online portal, quiz wizard, and rich media support

To Find the Best LMS for you, Follow these 5 Easy Steps:

When selecting a hosting platform, there are a number of crucial considerations. Follow these simple steps to choose the best LMS hosting provider for you:

  • Identifying whether you need a cloud-based or installation LMS is the first step. Both are the most popular options right now 
  • Determine the total number of users
  • Make a list of the characteristics that would be most helpful to your students
  • Investigate the suppliers in accordance with your needs
  • Note for user experience and customer service
  • Make sure LMS hosting companies supply site security and design components on top of the model that your course may scale with.

You should also consider features and functionality that cater to the requirements of your organization, such as tools for generating content, it’s essential to use a platform that enables you to produce and upload your own content. 

This is crucial if you want to manage a scalable business. Based on the factors listed above, it is now simple to determine which LMS is most suited for your organization. 

Additionally, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use this platform to build a digital product. 

The first step in creating a learning module for sale is choosing a template from the vast selection of ready-made designs available. Then, modify the content of your course using the drag-and-drop editor.

How Much Does an LMS Hosting Cost?

The LMS market is booming right now. The cost of LMS hosting depends on the kind of service you get and the number of features that you are provided with.

Usually, on most of the LMS hosting sites, $1 to $10 is charged. Individual users and small or large organizations who don’t want robust functionality can use free open-source solutions. 

The price rises as you include more complex features. A larger enterprise that needs special integrations with other enterprise software can also choose from more expensive systems. 

The best web hosting service providers are offering LMSs and related services at affordable rates, like DomainRacer. 

It is a one-stop solution for the online video course e-learning process. The top SaaS options for adding students, producing reports, adding attachments, certifying users, and many other tasks.

You may simply address a wide range of learning and development priorities for your organization by utilizing these platforms. LMS allows for simple and effective management, as well as quick and accurate information access.

Learning Management Systems help to streamline the learning process, which saves time for instructors, allowing them to focus more on each individual’s progress.


The LMS hosting is used to sell online courses or provide more information to staff in an organization. Here in this article, I have mentioned all the top Learning Management System (LMS) hosting provider’s names and their features.

A few of them even offer complimentary LMS software as part of their hosting services. The most popular low-cost LMS hosting option globally is DomainRacer. It was precisely created to develop and market online training courses. 

Selecting a suitable LMS provider for your firm can be difficult and time-consuming. Be aware that they provide a selection of flexible pricing plans to suit every budget.