Never Tear Us Apart: the Untold Story of Inxs

Never Tear Us Apart the Untold Story of Inxs

INXS was an Australian rock band that rose to international stardom in the 1980s. With their unique blend of pop, funk, and rock, INXS created a sound that was both distinct and timeless. Their success was so great that they became one of the most popular bands of their era. Despite the band’s success, however, their story has remained largely untold until recently. In this article, we’ll explore the untold story of INXS and how they refused to be torn apart.

INXS: The Band That Refused to Be Torn Apart

INXS was formed in 1977 in Sydney, Australia by brothers Tim and Michael Hutchence. The duo recruited three of their friends to round out the lineup and the band was officially born. Over the next decade, INXS would release a string of albums and singles that would see them rise to international stardom. Their sound was a unique blend of rock, funk, and pop, and their music was as infectious as it was timeless.

The band’s success was unparalleled, and they achieved a level of fame and recognition that most bands could only dream of. However, the band’s success was not without its challenges. The band was constantly dealing with internal conflicts, creative differences, and personal issues that threatened to tear them apart. Despite these struggles, however, the band managed to stay together and continue making music.

Uncovering the Untold Story of INXS

In recent years, the story of INXS has been explored in greater detail. Documentaries, books, and even a musical have been created to help tell the story of the band’s rise and fall. These works have shed light on the band’s inner workings and how they managed to stay together despite their internal struggles.

The story of INXS is one of resilience and determination. Despite all the challenges they faced, the band refused to be torn apart. They persevered through all the difficulties and continued to make music that resonated with fans around the world.

INXS was a band that refused to be torn apart. Despite the challenges they faced, they managed to stay together and create timeless music that still resonates with fans today. Through documentaries, books, and other works, the untold story of INXS has been uncovered and their legacy lives on.