In Presenza Delle Strisce Di Guida in Figura Il Veicolo C Deve Svoltare a Destra


Making a safe and legal turn is essential when driving a vehicle, and knowing the correct road markings is key. This article will explain how to turn right in vehicle C, in the presence of the relevant road markings.

Understanding the Road Markings

Road markings are used to provide guidance and instruction to drivers. The figure in this article shows two white lines, with a solid line on the left and a broken line on the right. This indicates that vehicles must stay in the left-hand lane, and pass on the right.

Turning Right in Vehicle C

When vehicle C is in the presence of the road markings as shown in the figure, it must turn right. To make the turn safely, vehicle C should reduce its speed and move into the right-hand lane. It should then wait for a gap in the traffic, and turn when it is safe to do so.

Knowing and following the relevant road markings is essential for safe driving. In the presence of the road markings shown in the figure, vehicle C must turn right. By reducing its speed and moving into the right-hand lane, vehicle C can make the turn safely and legally.