Il Segnale Raffigurato Prescrive Di Procedere a Velocità Particolarmente Moderata

Drivers in certain areas may encounter a pictorial signal that requires them to proceed at a particularly slow speed. This signal is used to indicate that the speed limit should be reduced in order to ensure safety.

Moderately Slow Speed

Drivers must abide by the speed limit in order to maintain safety. When a pictorial signal is present, it is important to follow the instructions and proceed at a particularly slow speed. Depending on the situation, this could mean a speed as low as 10 km/h or even slower.

Prescribed by Pictorial Signal

The pictorial signal that prescribes a moderate speed is usually a triangle with a black outline and a yellow background. The triangle is often accompanied by a number, which indicates the maximum speed that drivers must adhere to. In some cases, the number may be replaced by the words “velocità moderata”, which means “moderate speed”.

It is important to note that this pictorial signal is often used in places where there is a risk of pedestrians or other vehicles in the vicinity. This can include school zones, construction sites, or other areas where extra caution is necessary.

In summary, drivers must be aware of the pictorial signal that prescribes a particularly slow speed. By following the instructions, drivers can ensure the safety of those around them.