Il Segnale Raffigurato è Posto in Corrispondenza Di Una Pista Ciclabile a Fianco Del Marciapiede

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Cycling is a great way to get around town and to enjoy the outdoors. To make sure that cyclists have a safe and enjoyable experience, many cities have put in place cycle paths alongside pedestrian walkways. These paths are marked by a signal, making it easier for cyclists to find their way.

Signaling a Cycle Path

The signal that is pictured is located near a cycle path next to a pedestrian walkway. The signal is a blue and white striped sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of the cycle path. This signal is there to indicate to cyclists that they should use the cycle path instead of the pedestrian walkway.

Cycling Alongside Pedestrians

The cycle path is there to provide cyclists with a safe route to travel. It is important that cyclists stay on the cycle path and not ride on the pedestrian walkway. The cycle path is also a great way for cyclists to keep a safe distance from pedestrians. This helps both cyclists and pedestrians to have a pleasant and safe experience.

Cycle paths are an important part of keeping cyclists safe and ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience. The signal pictured is there to make sure that cyclists know where the cycle path is located and to remind them to stay on the path. By following the signal and staying on the cycle path, cyclists can have a safe and enjoyable ride.