Why Bone Marrow Donation Is Simple and Important

Why Bone Marrow Donation is Simple and Important

The big bones of humans contain spongy bone marrow. It produces 200 billion red, white, and platelet blood cells daily. The procedure fails for those with bone marrow disorders, including cancer, and a transplant is needed. In this case, bone marrow donation can help.

One of two ways to extract blood-forming cells for bone grafts is bone marrow transplantation. Surgery to donate bone marrow occurs in an operating room. The back of your pelvic bone is needed to remove liquid marrow. Despite seeming like an incredibly painful procedure, a bone marrow donation is painless, and hassle-free, as the donor is given anesthesia during the procedure. After donation, the liquid bone marrow is transported to the patient for transplant.

The Importance of Bone Marrow Donation

1. You Can Save Someone’s Life

Around 3,000 people pass away each year because they cannot find a bone marrow donor match. And, a larger part of this group is minorities and children. However, bone marrow donation can save a life. Visual media has made us think that saving someone’s life is a dramatic event, like giving someone a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to shoving someone out of the way of a bus.

In reality, saving someone’s life can be as simple as donating your bone marrow. Thousands of people are relentlessly searching for a bone marrow donor, and you could be the match they are looking for to get a second chance at life. A whopping 30 percent of people are reliant on the kindness of a stranger for a bone marrow match and the ensuing transplant.

2. You Feel Good About Yourself

Acting altruistically is a sure-shot way to feel good about oneself. Even if you donate bone marrow for a selfless and benevolent reason, there is no harm in relishing the emotional payoff. The process of donating bone marrow can seem intimidating, but the moment you register, you will experience a rush of adrenaline with the knowledge that you have done a good thing for someone.

3. Help People Fighting Leukaemia, Lymphoma, and More

People struggling with leukemia or lymphoma are suffering every day because of the disease. When you donate your bone marrow, you give these patients and their loved ones a ray of hope that things might turn out positive. Many people are ignorant of the importance of hope, faith, and goodwill in healing from a severe health condition. The brain’s endorphins released by ‘belief and expectation’ can inhibit pain like morphine, according to some specialists.

With this, you have the top three reasons to donate bone marrow. Additionally, the process is simple and requires minimal time. So, wait no more, consult a bone marrow registry in the USA today. Even if you only have a few minutes, the process couldn’t be easier. Once you’re over the initial hurdle, it’s just a case of waiting to be somebody’s match. Until then, you don’t have to do a thing. Why not get on a registry today?

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