Pensavo Fosse Amore… Invece Era Un Calesse


Love has long been a popular topic of art, literature, and music. One of the most famous Italian love songs of all time is “Pensavo Fosse Amore… Invece Era Un Calesse”, or “I Thought It Was Love… But It Was a Carriage”. The song is a tragic tale of a love affair that does not last.

Tragic Love Affair

The song tells the story of two lovers who were madly in love with each other. The woman in the song was so sure of her lover’s feelings for her, that she thought it was love. However, it was only a fleeting emotion and soon he left her, riding away in a carriage. The song’s narrator is left heartbroken, realizing that what she thought was love was only a passing fancy.

The Tale of “Pensavo Fosse Amore… Invece Era Un Calesse”

The song was written by Italian songwriter Claudio Baglioni, who was inspired by the story of a friend of his. The song was released in 1975 and quickly became a hit across Italy, with its tragic tale of love and loss resonating with many listeners. The song has since become a classic of Italian pop music, and has been covered by several artists.

The song’s lyrics are simple yet powerful, conveying the narrator’s feelings of heartbreak and regret. The narrator reflects on the past and the moment she realized that the man she loved was no longer with her. The song is a reminder of how fragile love can be, and how quickly it can be taken away.

“Pensavo Fosse Amore… Invece Era Un Calesse” is a classic Italian love song that has touched many hearts over the years. The song is a reminder that love can be a fleeting emotion, and should be cherished while it lasts.