Chi è in Nomination Al Grande Fratello Vip Di Ieri Sera

Last night, the latest episode of Grande Fratello VIP aired. During the show, the housemates were asked to nominate who they wanted to face eviction. After the nominations were announced, the housemates were left to contemplate who was up for eviction and their own fate.

Nominations for Last Night’s ‘Grande Fratello VIP’

On last night’s episode of ‘Grande Fratello VIP’, the housemates were asked to nominate one another for eviction. This is the first time this season that the housemates have had to choose who to nominate, and the decision proved to be a difficult one for them. The housemates had to weigh their own personal relationships and alliances within the house against their own personal opinions about each other.

Who Is Up for Eviction?

After the nominations were announced, it was revealed that Stefano Sala, Elisa De Panicis, and Antonio Zequila were all up for eviction. Stefano Sala has been a controversial housemate since his arrival and his nomination did not come as a surprise to some viewers. Elisa De Panicis has been a relatively quiet presence in the house, but her nomination may have been a result of her close relationship with Stefano. Antonio Zequila has been a fan-favorite since his entrance into the house, but his nomination may be due to his outspoken nature.

The housemates were left to contemplate their own fate and who would be sent home after the nominations were announced. The results of the eviction vote will be revealed in the next episode of Grande Fratello VIP. Until then, viewers will be left to speculate about who will be evicted and who will remain in the house.